NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN public library’s website homepage is redesigned!


“Lots of services for lots of people”.



User Research Phase 1

  • Task one: You are finding a new book to read over the summer, find a fiction novel.
  • Task two: You are researching for your current sleep study, find a journal on the BPL website.
  • Task three: You recently moved to Brooklyn and are interested in getting a library card, find out how to sign-up for one on the BPL website.
The Current Navbar on BPL’s Website


Task 1:

Task 2:

Task 3:

Card Sorting


* All numbers are percentages showing how often two cards were grouped together. To read, start at square then move upwards towards the nearest card, then to the right for the comparison card.
  • Movies and Music & Recordings were grouped together 100% of the time
  • Cards beginning with “For — age group” were grouped together nearly 100% of the time.
  • How to Use the library and Get a Library Card were grouped together 88% of the time.
  • Contact Us and Location & Hours were grouped together 88% of the time


Heuristic Evaluation

  1. Findable, the quality of the site’s navigation
  2. Accessible, the quality of the site’s accessibility to people with disabilities
  3. Clear, the transparency of the site’s vocabulary and attention to the reading level of its target demographics
  4. Communicative, the cohesivity of the conversation the site establishes with the user
  5. Usable, the ease with which users can complete tasks on the site
  6. Credibility, the trust the site inspires in the user in regards to privacy or PII
  7. Controllable, the ease with which users can correct mistakes or re-orient themselves if lost
  8. Valuable, the quality of what our features offer the user
  9. Learnable, the ease with which users can recall our architecture and move through the site more quickly upon repeat visits
  10. Delightful, the ability of our site to excite and please the user in unexpected ways


*Full table can be found here

So, what do we think should be changed?

The Redesign

Our proposed navigation changes opted to reduce the number of secondary options where appropriate, and add a primary option for library cards and culture passes, reflecting our data on task 1 of our tree studies.

User Research Phase 2

Task 1 (study 2)

Task 2 (Study 2)

Task 3 (Study 2)

Closed Card Sort (Study 2)

So, is it worth it?

How does it work?

Next Steps: Completing the Path




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